ArticleIs AliExpress Legit? Is AliExpress Safe? Get The Facts

What is Aliexpress? Is it safe to shop on? Are there any security risks? We shopped there several times and here's what we found. But is it safe to shop there? How long will items take to arrive, and what happens if they don't? Is AliExpress legit? And are you more likely to be the victim of fraud if you shop there? Here are the answers you need.

Is Aliexpress legit?

Yes, AliExpress is a legitimate online shopping site for the most part, although sometimes it's difficult to tell. However, no matter what the issue, just remember to read the whole reviews when buying anything. Is AliExpress safe? While it's true that any e-commerce site is prone to abuse, it's not very common for people to go through with buying an item only to have it shipped directly to their house or to steal the money that they pay for it. So, while this still happens, it's less common. On the other hand, we've also heard of people being scammed while shopping on the site, so be sure to check the reviews carefully, especially the ones that mention if they got their order or not, and if they did they'd list what happened. 

In a nutshell, AliExpress is legit, plus they offer some level of customer protection, it is fair to say that it is quite safe to purchase on AliExpress.

What is Aliexpress?

In essence, it is an online Chinese marketplace (belong to Alibaba Group) where customers order directly from factories in China. Items are purchased in China, and sent to consumers overseas, mostly in the United States. What Are We Buying Here? Here's what we purchased over time from AliExpress, in items ranging from clothing and shoes, to smartphone cases and vacuum cleaners. Sometimes, items didn't arrive, sometimes we had to wait more than a week for the product to arrive, and sometimes the products didn't arrive in pristine condition. Not everyone shopping on the site has these problems. 

How safe is Aliexpress?

With millions of buyers and sellers making their way to the Aliexpress marketplace every day, the marketplace is a pretty safe place to shop. All transactions are conducted through the buyer to seller platforms. There are no middlemen between the buyers and sellers, so there's no chance of fraud. Also, the whole business is run on Aliexpress's secure platform, and you can access this platform anytime you want by logging in with your personal AliExpress account. The marketplace's buyer and seller verification systems keep out most of the scammers.

How long does it take to get your goods?

Here at, we've taken the plunge on a few shipments on AliExpress, with good results so far. If you're looking to invest in something electronics-related, for example, it's definitely worth checking AliExpress out, as the prices are typically good, the shipping is reasonable, and the quality generally good. We've recently ordered some camera gear from the AliExpress site. Our order included a Nikon D5300 camera, a 16-40mm zoom lens, a USB cable, a DMW-60 flash, and a new AC adapter for the computer. When we received the products, everything was in excellent condition. The camera was working perfectly, and the flash and other accessories were in good working order. We're glad we bought our products on AliExpress, and we're happy we did it on our own.


Is AliExpress Legit? The short answer is yes. AliExpress is indeed a safe place to shop. But just like with any other website, be sure to shop smartly and be aware of online reviews.